Two Kids in a Playhouse

I think I’m getting better at understanding and handling my Yashica 635. These days it seems like out of a roll of 12 exposures, about 10 turn out pretty decent. It’s quickly becoming my absolutely favorite film camera. I took it out the other day to the back yard to take some photos of my younger two – trying out different angles of shooting and things like trying to freeze movement of a child swinging and getting the focus on spot. Considering how long it usually takes me to check and double-check that I’m getting the focus right on stationary subjects, I was rather pleased to find that two out of the three images I took of my middle child on the swing were actually well exposed, composed and focused. But my favorite image from that roll was one below that I took of my younger two looking down at me from the second story of their playhouse.

(Yashica 635 with green filter, Fuji Neopan Acros 100, developed in D-76)


2 responses to “Two Kids in a Playhouse

    • Thank you, Chris! This is actually one of the many reasons that I like film so much – oftentimes digital images have this “clinical” sharpness to them that in an odd way makes them look more two-dimensional and “flat” compared to film.

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