Sometimes it’s Fun to Go a Little Nuts with Photoshop

I’m currently renting a Canon 200mm 2.8 L lens just because I got it for a week for only $9.00 after a few discounts and I’ve always wanted to try a long telephoto prime. It seems to be a not so very popular lens, since you rarely hear about people talking about it. I’m not really sure why. It’s a relatively small and light lens for the focal length, which makes it easy to carry with, and it’s plenty sharp with beautiful bokeh. Frankly, I’d love to own one of these one day if I win a lottery. Of course I’d need to first play lottery to win it, which I normally don’t.

But this post isn’t actually about that lens, but rather about an image that shows none of the lens’ good qualities, because I went a little crazy on it in Photoshop. And it only took me about 10 minutes. And right at this moment I like the result, although I may hit my head on the wall tomorrow and wonder what I was thinking doing this, or the opposite –  like it even more than I do now.

(200mm, ISO 500, f/3.5, 1/250 sec)



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