Canon 90mm TS-E

I meant to make this post a few months ago, but never got around to it. I’ve raved about tilt-shift lenses before and I wrote a few posts about the Canon 90mm TS-E lens that I rented a little while back, and of my desire to own one. And I did end up trading in a bunch of my other photography gear to be able to afford the 90mm TS-E and I bought a well used copy from Adorama for about half of the lens’ retail price. I haven’t regretted it even for a second. And the photo in this post shows exactly why I love this lens – the creative focus possibilities are endless and I’m getting better at using it every day.

Both of the images were shot from more or less exactly the same angle (although I did not use a tripod) and with exactly the same camera settings at f4 (can’t remember the rest and I’m too tired to pull the original up in Photoshop to check what the ss and ISO were), except for the image on the left is shot without any tilt and shift and the image on the right is shot with the lens tilted and rotated slightly, but not shifted if I remember correctly, which allowed me to get both of the two largest flowers on different focal planes in focus instead of only one. This image is one that I took on one of the first days of me owning the lens and I have yet to get the whole tilting and shifting and rotating down to a science. I know the basics of what each function does and then I just play around until I get exactly what I want making it impossible to remember exactly how each shot was created. It’s a slow process, but oh so much fun!


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