New Wig

I have quite a few wigs, because I often have to do self portraits if I want to try out something new in the studio and I get so tired of staring at myself. If I wear a wig, it makes me feel like I look at least a little bit different from shoot to shoot. A few days ago, I got another wig – a micro braid one – from the big auction site. It had been through a few rounds of auction with nobody bidding on it, and finally the price was reasonable enough for me to get it. It actually looks sillier than I thought it would; there is too much bulk in the front and it certainly does not look real where the wig meets the scalp, but with a headband or something I can probably make it work for some shots.

Both of my girls were fascinated with the wig when it arrived and this morning my younger daughter wanted to try it on and I convinced her to pose for a few shots, not expecting anything worthy of sharing from the shoot. To my surprise, I actually quite liked on of the photos, one that I first thought was definitely not a keeper. I played around with color grading of the image in Photoshop and I think I managed to create something quite nice.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/8, 1/125 sec. + strobe with large octabox on camera left and a strobe with reflector and 20* grid on background)


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