A Girl and Her Hand Fan

I finally did the Lomochrome Purple film shoot today that I had been planning in my head for weeks now. I changed the concept completely from my original thought. I had originally intended to have my oldest daughter lie in the grass with a red dress as if she were asleep. Our lawn had conveniently gotten tall enough with my husband being out of town for a few weeks and me not able to mow it, since when I’m alone, I have nobody to watch my kiddos while I mow the lawn. It would have been the perfect setup for my original idea, except it’s been quite rainy and the grass has been pretty wet and my daughter has been refusing to lie on wet grass. I understand her objection, but darn it, I wish she would have done it. Instead, I had to come up with an idea that did not involve her lying down on the grass. And I came up with one. And I brought it to life today.

While the photo in this post does not actually show an image from the Lomochrome Purple shoot – I only develop B&W film at home, I need to send color out for processing to a lab and it will take a while – it is a digital image I took during the shoot. I had bought a hand fan as a prop for the shoot for my daughter. It was similar color red, and similar style to the dress she was wearing. She used it to cover part of her face  (and to help her blow smoke away whenever necessary since I used a green “smoke bomb” for the shoot). This photo of her is the last quick digital image I took of her at the scene. She looked so pretty with her face partially covered with the fan. And shockingly similar to me when I was her age.

(50mm, ISO 100, f/5.0, 1/160 sec + strobe with large octabox on camera left)


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