Underwater Photography Take Two

In early March, I posted a few underwater photos that I took at a waterpark with the Fujifilm XP60 camera that I bought used from Ebay. I was not really crazy about the quality of images and discarded the camera in my head as pretty useless, but I decided to pick it up again yesterday when I went in the pool with the kiddos and I was much happier with the results this time around. The results are still not high quality, but much better than the waterpark photos. Turns out that even the quality of underwater photography is highly dependent on available light. Who would have thought, right? I should have, of course. On a sunny day, outside in the pool, the camera is really not too bad, despite its age and the blemish that mine has on the protective glass over the lens.

Here are two photos of my oldest diving.



And an attempt at an underwater selfie., poorly framed, I might add, but to my defense, I had a very poor understanding of where I was even pointing the camera. Taking that into consideration, it turned out quite well.



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