Canon 180mm 3.5 L Macro

I’ve finally had a chance to play around with a lens I’ve wanted to try for a while now – the Canon 180mm 3.5 L Macro. I’m renting it for a week, and already thinking that I really, really want to own one. It would complete the small lens collection that I have and cover close to any shooting situation I would ever encounter.

We had my brother-in-law’s family visiting this past weekend and I took quite a few photos of everybody having fun in the pool. When I looked at the images on my camera’s LCD screen, I was actually disappointed, thinking that they were all a bit blurry; and, honestly, blaming it on my inability to hold the beast stable enough for getting clear shots rather than on the lens. But then I pulled up the photos on the computer and I was blown away by the sharpness, perfect autofocus, and beautiful contrast and color. I suppose the one drawback of having a camera that was manufactured in 2007 is that the LCD really is not up to par to allow me to judge the quality of the photos based on what it shows.

And then I tried it for macro… And that’s where my troubles began. It truly is a lens that you need to use a tripod with to get most out of the macro shots. I had to bump up my ISO to 800 to make it even remotely hand-holdable for close-ups and even then I couldn’t get the depth of field that I would have wanted while having enough light reach the sensor. But that doesn’t scare me. I still want this beast, even if it means that I need to carry a tripod everywhere, which I prefer not to do.

Here’s my favorite macro that I shot – handheld – yesterday. I would have ideally preferred to shoot it at f/11 or f13, but it is what it is. I like the abstractness of the photo and the detail I was able to capture despite everything.

(180mm, ISO 800, F/7.1, 1/250sec)

Canon 180mm 3.5 L Macro

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