Canon G1 3.3MP Camera

All my kids are into taking photos, even the youngest one. They see me walking around with a camera all the time, so it’s not really surprising I guess. But it also means that I have to get each of them their own camera if I want to avoid having them gram one of mine. My oldest one has gone through a few over the course of the past number of years. My middle child has mostly used my underwater camera lately – heck, it’s meant to withstand a drop from 1.5m, so I’m hoping that it will hold up to a little bit of abuse. My youngest one has had a toy camera, but some of the plastic parts kept on breaking, so I decided to get a new used camera for my middle child and let my baby boy play with the “tough” underwater camera.

My choice of camera for my middle child fell on a very old Canon G1 3.3MP camera. It was introduced in 2000, but it was considered to be a state of the art point and shoot camera at the time. It has full manual controls and you can even attach an external speedlight to it if you wish. This is what it looks like:


I intentionally took this photo with with a cellphone in a not super brightly lit room to show the difference between photos taken with a modern cellphone compared to a nearly two decades old camera (photos to come lower down).

Anyway, the reason for why I chose this old one was that the price ($17 at KEH) was fantastic for the amount of features/manual control you get. My daughter doesn’t really care what camera she is shooting with yet, and I really wanted to try it out myself to see if my assumption that I’ll be able to take perfectly fine photos with it for web posting and small prints is correct. Because I’m a believer that older cameras will be excellent performers in the right hands as long as they have manual controls. I really despise the modern day constant chase after the newest and latest technology. Did I mention that my main camera was released in 2007? šŸ™‚

I had a chance to play with the G1 a bit today, which made me realize that I really need to download the manual to understand how to change some settings, by the way. I have yet to figure out how to change the ISO in the manual setting, or if it’s even possible to change it. So far, every photo I’ve taken in the manual setting seems to show ISO 50 when I look at the file info. The camera presumably also has the ability to manually control focus to some extent, but I’m having trouble figuring it out. Overall I actually really like how the camera feels and handles. And the resulting images are quite nice. Both of these were taken in a relatively dark room with some window light, no post-processing. These are straight out of the camera. There is an amazing amount of detail present despite the low megapixel count. But I already knew that megapixels aren’t everything…



2 responses to “Canon G1 3.3MP Camera

    • I was thinking the same thing – the photos look plenty sharp, especially for portraits, but don’t have the “clinical” look that you get from modern digital cameras. I’m not a fan of that modern “clinical” look. šŸ™‚

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