Canon 180mm Macro for Portraits

I praised this lens quite a bit in my last post, but since people are my favorite subjects to photograph, a lens will not win me over unless portraits I produce with it make me happy. The 180mm macro more than delivered on my portrait attempts. It has won the honorable shared first place with my 90mm TS-E for portrait work. The below is my favorite portrait from the week with the 180mm. I’m aware that the photo is not perfect. I should have closed down the aperture to get more of my niece’s face in focus – I seem to run into this closing down the aperture issue with this lens a lot – but I like it very much nonetheless. It certainly helps that my niece is one of the most photogenic children I’ve ever photographed, and the freckles really put the icing over the cake here, but the beauty of the lens is undeniable as well.

(180mm, ISO 250, f/3.5, 1/160 sec)

Canon 180mm 3.5 L Macro and Portraits

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