Alvastra Abbey Ruins on Ilford SFX Infrared Film

It’s been nearly two months, but I’m back. I’ve spent the summer traveling first to Sweden to visit my family and then to Washington State to visit my husband’s family. We came back from the last trip about a week ago, and it’s been a slow recovery for me. I only had three days between the two trips and our last flight coming back from WA was an overnight flight, and it was actually tougher than I imagined.

I came back with 18 rolls of film from the two trips. For some reason I got really bored with digital photography in Sweden and barely used my digital camera there. I ended up not even taking my big digital camera to WA, and only traveled with one film camera and my very old Canon G1. There is something about that Mamiya C330f that just feels right in my hand, and I’m always excited to shoot it. There is also the fact that I never randomly shoot anything with it and each exposure is carefully thought through, so I’ve managed to end up with almost 90% of keeper rate on the 13 rolls that I’ve developed so far. That never happens with digital.

This shoot at Alvastra Abbey Ruins was something I had planned already before my trip. I even brought an outfit for one of my girls to wear, and later acquired another one from Sweden. I also knew that I wanted to use the Ilford SFX (near)infrared film with Hoya R72 infrared filter for the shoot. I had used the Ilford SFX film once before with R25 filter on 35mm film, but I didn’t quite know what I was doing back then, so this was pretty much a new territory for me and I had no idea of what to expect. It just so happens that I love the results. By saying that, I don’t mean to praise my own photos – the ideas and execution could well be better than what can be seen below – what I mean is that I like the look of the film with the R72 filter and definitely want to use it again.

I shot one roll with 12 exposures there and below are 7 of my favorites. My scanner (yes, I have a scanner now – Epson V600 that I bought used from Craisglist for $50.00 – and no longer have to use my digital camera to digitize my negatives) is probably not doing the negatives justice and I can’t wait to print these in the darkroom. I can imagine how lovely they will be sepia toned. Gotta curb my excitement though until the rest of my 18 rolls of film from the trips are developed.

All the below photos were shot with Mamiya C330f, 65mm lens, Ilford SFX film rated at ISO12 with Hoya R72 filter. Developed in Ilford DD-X. All exposures were around 1sec and f/11 with minor variations.


Something happened when I took this last image. Not sure why there are those blurry lines all across the bottom of the photo. I don’t remember having grass on the foreground that would otherwise explain this, but maybe my memory is failing me. It couldn’t have been something during the developing process because this was the only photo that was affected in this way. Either way, I kind of like the blurry lines. They add a sense of mystery to the photo.


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